At the dawn of civilization, fire allowed us to survive the night and transform our environment. We evolve as a species when we harness the power of the forces of nature.

We were able to understand that the greatest natural force is intention and each one of us is a source of infinite creation. So we decided to be part of the paradigm shift of our time. Helping transform the energy sector to make it smart, flexible and sustainable became our purpose.

How are we doing this?

We built the operating system for the energy transition. Cycle is a web application that allows the user to understand how they use electricity to take action.

The application is connected to data from different sources (devices, instruments, other clouds) to visualize and process them in order to obtain useful information.

It is better than traditional solutions because it is open to integrating hardware, unlike existing solutions that have proprietary software, which forces the user to work with several platforms at the same time and makes it difficult to correlate information.

We will allow third parties to create custom services using our developments, implementing their own versions of our application on their servers or simply using our APIs.

We seek to have a robust system to control and coordinate microgrids to stimulate the creation of local energy markets.

Tech Features

We have explored, contributed or developed many technologies fairly well. Today we concentrate in implementing a convergence stack testing IoT, AI and Blockchain.

Artificial Intelligence

From Energy Management System (EMS) to Quantum, we are evaluating and developing computational intelligence.

Internet of Things

Integrating and allowing interaction with IoT to ethically process data in the name of efficiency.


Allow transactions assuring fairness and promoting self-sovereign identity will drive mass adoption of sustainable projects.

The team behind it

Great people with shared values aiming for good

The battle front

David Castaño Colombia on Twitter

Nicolas Cuadrado Colombia on Twitter

Luis G. Marín Colombia on Twitter
Research Head

Christian Robayo  Colombia on Twitter
IoT Head

Yerley Gomez Colombia on Twitter

John Menjura Colombia on Twitter
Front-End Dev

Lizeth Senteno Colombia on Twitter
Sales Coordinator

Ivan Heredia  Colombia on Twitter
Marketing Director


Jose Luna Colombia on Twitter Flag: United Kingdom on Twitter Twemoji 12.1.3
UK’s Office Director

Juan España Colombia on Twitter

Kevin Gutierrez Colombia on Twitter
Audiovisual Counsellor

Mateo Rivero Colombia on Twitter
Comm. Counsellor

David Arévalo Colombia on Twitter Flag: Turkey on Twitter Twemoji 12.1.3
Renewables Counsellor

Sergio Gonzalez Colombia on Twitter
Quantum Head

Alberto Suarez  Colombia on Twitter
Business support

Sam Kinuthia Kenya on Twitter
Full Stack Dev

Shivam Sharma Kenya on Twitter
Full Stack Dev

Carlos Gil Colombia on Twitter
Eng. Counsellor

Ambition of Impact

We want to do it big for a remarkable positive impact, growing as only high-tech could allows.


Do everything as an action of serving somebody and you will have any tool to build your life as you desire.


Just be yourself, honest people supporting each other to think and do bigger each and every day.